Hi, I’m Juniper

I teach and perform dance in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

I love helping people absorb culture, grow in confidence, and become a community. Want to join us?

Be yourself, out loud

My dance is based on a passion for authenticity, in a number of ways. I continually research myriad sources and styles for technique and cultural relevance, yet I also value innovation and personal expression.

I believe the most authentic dance is informed by tradition, but uniquely yours!

In tune with my sources

My classical performances and introductory classes are rooted in movements from various cultures of Southwest Asia (aka the Middle East) and North Africa.

While popularly referred to as “belly dance” in English, each style has its own specific name, music, context, and other special characteristics.

Cutting edge performance

For my fusion (non-traditional) shows and certain advanced workshops, I draw upon performance art trends, storytelling, and my own intuitive flow.

I first learned fusion forms of “bellydance” in the San Francisco Bay Area, a hotbed of innovative artists. Any music works for fusion shows - my favorite band is TOOL!

Life of the party

The most important thing is to have FUN! All ages, genders, and ability levels can learn and enjoy a bit of dance movement. Book your party performance or interactive event.

“Raqs sharqi” (dance of the east, in Arabic) is a social dance - it’s all about sharing smiles with friends and family! It’s considered essential for weddings and other celebrations.


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