Events are the best!

There’s nothing like dressing up and making an audience smile. Even through the pandemic, dancers found a way to shine. Here is one of my favorite online performances, about resilience and recognizing our common humanity.

Sadly, the band Orphaned Land who wrote this song of brotherhood are now mourning their dead and have discarded their message of peace. I hope the scales of grief fall from their eyes so they can once again see the unjust suffering of others.

Whether in person or online, I could make an impact at your next event.

Want to hire me?

Multiethnic Festival March 2024

Juniper and the Gems perform their Egyptian Golden Era style dance, inspired by the classic stars Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Tahia Carioca, and more!

MEDANZ Festival - April 2024 in Christchurch

I’ve been invited once again to teach at the annual gathering of New Zealand’s raqs sharqi and fusion bellydance artists, this coming 26th-27th of April.

Parties, weddings, and more

Tell me what you need, and I’ll see what I can do for you! Check out my FAQs about events, then email me the specifics of your next function. I’ll respond with availability and get you a quote ASAP.

Dance festivals

These are one of my favorite places to perform, because I also get to learn from others! I have a range of workshops I can teach, in addition to various styles of performance.

This is an improvised “Oriental Metal” piece, from the MEDANZ Festival 2022. It’s a different take on the sub-genre, certainly metal but purely raqs sharqi in its instrumentation and aesthetic. The music is “Nothing Else Matters,” by Metallica, as covered by kanun artist Farah Fersi.

Community shows

I have some availability for free educational performances to benefit the public. My solos are polished and specialized, or you can ask to book me with my group of student dancers to fill the stage with color and motion.

Keen to perform?

Whether or not you have prior experience, many students like to show what they’ve learned to their friends and family, or perhaps even prepare for larger events.

New Plymouth has a few “belly dance” groups, and we sometimes get together for a private “hafla” (party) just for us.

Some of us also like dancing at public events like the Multi Ethnic Extravaganza, the Christmas Parade, or whatever else is on!

Dancing for joy

MEDANZ Festival 2022, cafe dancing in Santa Cruz 2017, and a veil solo in Wellington 2023


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